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To obtain a position in a client-facing role as an information architect with a software development firm or internal web services group.




·          Application Development Strategy - Defining business problems and proposing solutions. Includes interpretation of workflow, business & technical use cases, and OOD documentation


·          Front End Application Architecture – Interpreting requirements to develop both topographic layout of information spaces and their relationships to each other.  Define and create prototypes that serve as framework for interface.


·          Feature/Function Design – Granular development of user interface specifications to be built into prototypes at “single view” level in accordance with user and client needs. Process implements tenets of usability.  


·          Feature Value Analysis – The qualification and quantification of all attributes of application.  The output will define the targets that establish scope of development.


·          Website and Application Functional Requirements –Gathering and qualification of all attributes that populate Feature Value Analysis. 



Project Experience


Clients include:

·          Sabre Holdings/Travelocity   Senior Information Architect for redesign and consolidation of Cruise Products across lines of business to include The Sabre Travel Network, Travelocity Call Centers, and its partners.  The charter is to establish common processes that still satisfy the needs and preferences of disparate user groups primarily, consumers, travel agents and business partners. 

·         Texas Instruments:  Lead Information Architect for redesign and implementation of new format for providing technical information for all silicon products, development tools and software in the TI catalog.  The challenge lay in finding a solution that to serve as a vehicle that is standardized to provide a consistent format while being flexible enough to accommodate vastly different needs from the different stakeholders such as High Performance Analog to Digital Signal Processing

·         The Fleming Companies:  Contracted to Hybrid Digital to redevelop new corporate Intranet.  Aggressive timeline included scaleable sitemaps referencing future development, user flows, page specifications, wire frames, content and functional plans

·          i2 Technologies: Prepared a series of web-based and multi-media presentations in preparation for i2 PLANET.  Provided direction for anatomy of presentations in terms of information flow and content relevancy to different user groups.  A standardized and scalable presentation was implemented to accommodate viewing audiences from different backgrounds in supply chain management.

·          Corporate Express: Redevelop and deploy new client-extranet to include custom ordering from catalogs containing more than 50,000 SKUs.  Challenge came from client’s dedication to customer service requiring high degree of systemic customization at the most granular level for each of their clients including data, logic flow and interface preferences.

·          Radio City Entertainment: Revision to public web site. Project included the implementation of interactive events calendar that allowed users to manipulate list of events via search and sort prior to making ticket purchase. A method for mathematically qualifying each feature was used to define the project scope.  All content was mapped back to specific business or marketing goals. 

·          Dr Pepper: Intranet development. Project included integration of application for reimbursing marketing funds that was linked to corporate ERP as part of new Intranet.   Stakeholder interviews and interpretation of business rules was used to develop maps to display all content areas, both comprehensively and in separate detail. The needs of several distinct stakeholders had to be considered.

·          Flowserve:  Interpretation of business rules was used to develop sitemaps for Intranet with organization structure that matched distinct departmental structure of firm. Also created prototypes for Investor relations site

·          AT&T Broadband: Consumer-targeted website was proposed to support test markets in Dallas and New York. Stakeholder interviews were conducted to establish site architecture, which was then displayed in map set.

·          CenturyTel: Project called for redesign of corporate website that included development of application to automate process for managing, reviewing and initiating advertising campaigns. Sitemaps were used to demonstrate a usable process flow and prototypes were created as a functional skeleton upon which to build.

·          Heritage Bags: Conducted in-depth feature value analysis that recommended features and functions that should be included in a proposed extranet.  Report included a mathematically weighted feature/function recommendation, information space cluster diagram and sitemap.

·          Intel:  Developed sitemaps and wireframe prototypes to support a new content area for existing site promoting new “edge” network throughput services.

·          Akamai:  Developed new marketing site.  Aggressive development cycle from conception to launch within 4 weeks was met.  Also served as creative lead through site creation.

·          Targetbase Marketing:  Advance work for a major client pitch deliverables included a revised site map of existing content and a proposed interface prototype.

·  Reevaluated and implemented entirely new organizational structure for broad set of product catalogs of durable goods from home electronics to appliances.  Data characterization efforts were coordinated with Good Housekeeping laboratories.  Deliverables included sitemap, feature/function design documentation and complete interactive wireframe set.

·          Rare Medium:  Developed internal web-based application as part of administration system for internal communication that moved content management to point of origination, eliminating need for constant re-coding to remain current.  The process included the interpretation of business rules and retrofitting existing applications to a web-based user interface to support time tracking, project management and expense reimbursement.

Additional Professional Experience


2004 – Present

Senior Information Architect - Customer Experience Group

Sabre Holdings/Travelocity, Southlake,TX

Principal role on large enterprise level project.  Leading other IAs and coordinating with designers, developers, business owners and project management on all issues relevant to the user interface. 


2001 – 2004

Principal/Independent Consultant

Red Earth Information Architecture, Dallas, TX

Develop organization and design of the functional aspects of the user interface to an application. The IA's primary responsibility is to assure that the application satisfies expectations for ease of use. Contracts acquired via agency representation. Clients include Texas Instruments, i2, The Fleming Companies and Targetbase Marketing


1997 – 2001

Sr. Information Architect

Rare Medium Inc / FS3, Dallas, TX

Internally developed the role of Information Architect as it applies to the Internet Industry, Lead development teams on national engagements. Trained associate staff.


1982 – 1984

Creative director

Graphic Communicators Advertising, Dallas, TX

Supervised advertising art and photography for print. 


1989 – 1992

Retail Sales Manager

Radio Shack, Azle, TX

Managed retail store.


1992 – 1993

Operations Manager

Midway Press, Dallas, TX

Oversaw news-printing operations


1993 – 1994

Sales Service Manager

Epoch Solutions, Dallas, TX

Managed national accounts


1984 – 1989

United States Air Force



Bachelor of Science, Business Administration, University of Texas at Dallas, Richardson, TX


Professional Organizations

American Society of Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T)

Metroplex UXP Association

Usability Professional Association – Dallas Chapter

Dallas Internet Society

Dallas/Fort Worth Internet Marketing Association

Dallas “Geek Meet” - Executive Member


White Papers

Information Architecture – The Evolution of the Role Relative to Demand, A subjective view.



Information Architecture – Some Chaos About Order

ASIS&T Annual Meeting, Chicago, 2000.


Thinking Big Thoughts – The Contextual Approach to Defining the Process.

Summit 2001: Practicing Information Architecture – San Francisco, 2001




Computer Skills


Operating Systems



Windows 3.x/’95/’98/2000/XP


Mac OS


Microsoft Word 98-XP

Micrografx iGrafx

Canvas 5.0

Microsoft Excel 98-XP

Adobe Photoshop 5.5

Allaire Homesite 4.5

Microsoft PowerPoint 98-XP

Microsoft Visio 2000

Macromedia Dreamweaver 4

Microsoft Project 98-XP


Adobe Illustrator 8

Macromedia Fireworks 4


Dutch (Conversant-Read/Write)