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Mr. Polansky has practical experience in a broad cross-section of industries, including commercial printing, manufacturing, distribution, entertainment, retail, government service, graphic design, hospitality, commercial sales, mechanical services and operations management. His areas of specialization encompass:
  • Application Development Strategy - Defining business problems and proposing solutions.
  • Front End Application Architecture - Interpreting requirements to develop both the topographic layout of information spaces and their relationships to each other as well as the prototypes that will serve as the framework for an interface.
  • Feature/Function Design - Granular development of user interface specifications that will be built into prototypes at a "single view" level in accordance with user and client needs. This process implements the tenets of usability.
  • Feature Value Analysis - The qualification and quantification of all attributes of an application. The output of this process will define the targets that establish the scope of development.
  • Website and Application Functional Requirements - the gathering and qualification of all attributes that will fuel Feature Value Analysis.
Mr. Polansky's recent projects: